4 Best Tips to Help Lower Your High Monthly Phone Bills

Getting the latest smartphone is a dream that many hold dearly. However, the reality of costs dawns when the bills start knocking. Many people are spending more with the emerging temptation to subscribe to new games, and stream videos on top of the conventional voice calls. In this post, we discuss five ways you can use to cut the smartphone bills.

Turning off unlimited data

The main reason that people go for smartphones is to be able to surf the internet. However, this access to the internet means additional cost for data. Many phone companies limit the data in bundles so that everything has a price tag. However, those that offer unlimited data price it very high and still have some form of hidden caps for users. The surest way to stay on top of your data usage is turning off the unlimited data and disabling background applications on the smartphone. Besides, you can also get applications that shrink data use or turn the smartphone into a mobile version only that displays fewer images.

Be careful with the cover you take on your smartphone

With the ever rising number of top-notch smartphones, insurance companies are finding it a ripe niche to draw new streams of revenue. In the UK, there are approximately ten million policies according to Switch (A consumer group). However, you need to be extra careful with the selected smartphone cover because it could be simply consuming money and never commit to compensating your phone.

Because of the special attachment that people have to smartphones, the covers are very expensive. You will get some companies charging as much as £ 15.00/month which translates to hundreds of dollars every year. Despite the high charges, the policies are very specific on what they cover and provide a very short period for making claims. For example, while most cover firms shout they insure the phone against theft; over 80% of them refuse to pay if it was left unattended in a public place.

To address the problem, consider self-insurance. You can take the cash to a smartphone account where it can be drawn easily when the phone gets lost or damaged.

Change your phone plan

The tariff you are operating in is a major determinant of the monthly phone bills. If you are on the wrong tariff, the chances of paying more are very high. To know the right tariff, evaluate how much data you require, SMS, and talk time. Then, work out the monthly requirement and go for the matching phone plan. It is also important to compare the plans offered by different companies, and shift to the cheaper carrier.

Avoid roaming charges when traveling outside the UK

If you travel outside the UK regularly, the roaming charges might be the main cause of high monthly bill. If you use the current SIM when traveling abroad, the charges levied by the network that picks the signal are usually very high. You can avoid these charges by using an unblocked phone and acquiring a local SIM in the host country. You will only be charged the local prices for making calls, sending texts, or accessing the internet.