Unique Features to Look For When Buying a New Smartphone

Smartphones are no longer simple communication equipment. They are micro-computers that allow users to do anything from preparing projects, making presentations, and capturing images of moving objects. Today, all the top smartphones have common features such as latest processors, bigger screens, higher RAM, and stronger cameras. You need to go beyond this to get the best smartphones and enjoy higher value for money. Here are unique features that you should look for.

3D Camera System: Smartphone with a 3D camera system conveys special depth perception by utilizing stereoscopy. Most of them use autostereoscopic parallax barrier type of display while others apply the 3D output via HDMI. With a 3D camera system, you can capture better images including motion pictures even when in low visibility areas. You can also relay real-time 3D videos with some smartphones.

Near-Infrared Spectrometer: Phone companies are stretching their creativity to ensure that clients get unique connection and value for money. A smartphone with Near-infrared spectrometer allows users to determine how fresh their supplies are, determine whether medicine is fake or not and even calculate body fat percentage. When you shine a special light on the target object or surface, the molecules are processed, analysed, and checked from multiple databases.

Camera software enhancement: For the last couple of years, many companies such as Apple, Samsung, Sony, and Huawei have been working extra hard to include stronger cameras on their smartphones. Now, this focus has shifted from simply including a camera with higher megapixels to software enhanced models. Such cameras take clearer images and even allow the user to hold video conferencing.

Pico Projector: Making presentations at work, in parties, or even at home when teaching your kid new skills have become very common. However, people are forced to buy very expensive projectors. Instead of buying such expensive equipment, why not use your smartphone? The latest smartphones come with mobile projectors that miniaturize software and hardware to illuminate images or content into any surface.

Iris Scanner: Iris scanners are working steps ahead of the fingerprint tech. By using an infrared scanner, the smartphone scans the iris of your eye (coloured section) to unlock the phone. The scanner is fitted with the front facing camera and can capture the details of your iris even in very low light conditions. This system is more effective for protecting your phone compared to other systems.

Display Dock: No matter the way you look at it, the time to carry a laptop to work is fading rather fast. Your phone will be all that is required. With an appropriate display phone dock, you can turn the smartphone into a very strong computer. The dock allows you to connect the smartphone to a monitor and work as a general laptop or PC. This has three main advantages;

  • It allows you to carry the computer wherever you go; to work, home, and even holiday destinations.
  • Users can work on various projects and liaise with clients when on the go, and continue once back in office. The transition from home to work becomes extra smooth.
  • Display Docks helps to keep the cost of starting an office and running it very low. With just a smartphone, your office will be complete. You will not have to spend additional hundreds of pounds acquiring a new office computer.


When you set out looking for a new smartphone, do not stop at the common features such as processor and RAM. Rather, they should be the baseline as you explore more advanced features that extend the operation and applications of the phone.


Top tips for buying a mobile phone for your kid

Just a few years back, school-aged kids couldn’t own phones. But gone are those days, especially with the rise of very busy parents with tight schedules. As a result, phones have become a necessity even for young kids. And even though they might use it to text and browse most of the time, the security you will have knowing that you could get in contact with your kids at any time is priceless. So if you have made the decision to allow your kid own a phone, yet you might not know where to start, worry not. We have come up with the best tips that will help you make the best choice for both you and your kid.

Will it be Pay-as-you-go or a contract?

When you decide to buy a mobile phone for your kid, it is imperative that you think of its mode of payment.  This is because you are most likely going to be the bill payer. So before you make that most awaited purchase, make an assessment of the text, data and call needs of your children and figure out whether you will be comfortable paying the bill on a pre-pay system. Both systems are good, however a mobile contract might offer you more benefits. First, your child will choose the phone of their dreams at zero down payments. You get to pay for it in monthly installments saving you the nagging cries of a disappointed teenager. Additionally you can choose a mobile, text and minute plan for your kids thus keeping them within limits.


Consider their age

Honestly, any phone can fit into the description of the right phone for your kid. After all, the best cell phone is the one they will use responsibly and respectfully as you would have agreed. However, this can be ideally hard to achieve and that is why there is need to consider their age as a basis for the kind of phone you buy them. For kids, whose use their phones mostly for calls, go for a basic handset.  Such phones are cheap, easy to use thanks to the minimal features they have. Additionally, most of these phones don’t typically include access to internet.  However, if your kids are old enough and you must buy a smartphone for your kids, ensure it has as many parental control apps as possible. Ensure you embrace the technology available in order to monitor your kids.

Are they ready?

Before walking into that shop with your child to buy them a phone, first stop to ask yourself if they are ready or not. You will know if they are ready when they are responsible enough to handle a smartphone on their own. Remember, this device will connect them to the world instantly and they will be exposed to many things; both good and bad. That is why they should be able to stick by the rules you set on the phone use.

What if you need to send off your kid to boarding yet they aren’t ready? It is simple. You can come in and help prepare them. Just take them through cyber civics classes. This way they will understand the positives and negatives of the technology they will be having. Thus they will make informed and powerful choices.

How will the phone be cared for?

There are higher chances that the phone will be exposed to harsh treatment from your kids. Therefore you may want to consider buying phones that have been specifically made to withstand accidental splash or falls. However, such gadgets are more costly and it may be cheaper buying high-quality cases

Getting a Better Deal on Your Mobile Phone Contract

You might not realise it, but if you currently have a mobile phone contract that’s about to run out, you are in a great position to negotiate for a better deal with your mobile provider. If you play your cards right, you can get more minutes, texts, and data, or have your monthly line charges reduced. You can even upgrade to the latest handset for free or at a discount. And if your mobile provider hiked their prices mid-contract, you may be entitled to leave without incurring termination fees. Use your position as a subscriber who has options in order to negotiate for a better mobile phone contract.

Ask for a Better Tariff

The first step to getting a better deal on your mobile phone contract is to pick up the phone and call your network provider. Tell the operator that you are no longer happy with your current arrangement and you want a better tariff. Use comparison sites to benchmark current network prices and find the most cost-effective tariffs and packages available. If they don’t offer up a better deal you can always tell them that your current plan is getting too expensive, to a point that you might have to take your business elsewhere. They could realize that they will potentially be losing business and offer you better deals that you otherwise wouldn’t have gotten if you hadn’t asked. If that fails, move to plan B.


Ask to Speak to “Disconnections”

Sometimes the first operator you speak to isn’t authorized to offer any sort of deal even at the threat of the subscriber leaving. This is when they patch you through to their “disconnections department”, or whatever name they call their customer retentions team. This team specializes in handling unsatisfied customers and has the authority to offer better deals on your mobile phone contract just to convince you to stay. Once you get them on the phone, repeat your request. Remember that there are always better tariffs and packages out there, so use that to negotiate for a better deal.


The Power of Customer Retentions

With the way things are going in the mobile market, it’s no longer just about convincing people to sign up for a mobile plan. It has become equally – if not more – important to convince them to stay. Competition in today’s mobile phone market is at an all-time high, and any loss of business can quickly translate into a competitor’s gain. Market maturity has highlighted the importance of retaining existing customers, which is why any network provider’s customer retentions team has so much decision-making power.


What If They Still Refuse?

If after careful negotiation your provider’s customer retentions team calls your bluff and refuses to give in, don’t feel bad. Back off for now and don’t let them make you feel like you’re being forced to disconnect. If they insist that they can’t give you what you want and offer to arrange a cancellation of service, simply tell them that you will need time to think about it, and that you will call them back should you decide to leave.


Why Revamped Nokia 3310 Is Likely To Be a Hit in the Market

Since Nokia 3310 was launched in 2000, its tough chassis, rugged outlook, and irresistible snake video game made it sell over 126 million pieces. HMD is planning to relaunch the Nokia 3310, and everybody can’t wait to get hold of this priceless piece. The revamped Nokia 3310 will be a powerhouse that no one will want to miss. Here are three reasons why this is the phone that everybody has been waiting for.

A closer look at the downsides of the old Nokia 3310 model

While Nokia 3310 was cherished so much at the turn of the century, it would look like crap in its original design in the current world.  

  • The display was merely 84×48 pixel resolution which would not even impress a kid. Compare this with the Super AMOLED Galaxy S7’s 2,560×1,440 pixel resolution!
  • The old model operated only on GSM 1800 and GSM 900 that stand nowhere close to lighting 4G speeds of top smartphones today.
  • Besides, it lacked features such as camera and Bluetooth that every person cherishes so much.
  • It was powered by an old MAD2WD1 processor that cannot take any modern app.

Why the new model Nokia 3310 will be a hit

Everybody is looking forward to getting hold of the new Nokia 3310 model not because it will have the specs that will rival the iPhone 7 Plus of other top smartphones, but because it fills a gap that the former can’t.


  • Toughness will be enhanced with new drop proofing technologies 

One component that made previous Nokia 3310 irresistible was its toughness. So tough was the chassis that the phone could fall on a concrete floor many times and remain functional. HMD has now enhanced the toughness with drop proof technologies to make the new model even tougher.

  • It will be more affordable compared to the older model

When Nokia 3310 was first released, you had to let go £129.99 to get hold of it. Though the prices fell sharply in the subsequent 7 years, it still commands a price of £69 on Amazon today. HMD is counting on making the phone more economical by releasing it for only £59. This will work well especially by targeting the emerging markets where affordability and quality are crucial. Though some might argue that even other smartphones with better features retail cheaply, HMD has equally revamped the new model. It will also be counting on the old glory.

  • The new model will be a perfect complement other smartphones

Unlike other smartphones that always target being the top on the market, HMD has found a soft underbelly of the market and plan to fill the gap. Well truth be told, no one wants to flash out the flashy, slim, shiny, and stylish Galaxy S7 Note when working in a garage, repairing machinery in the industry, or carrying other tough tasks. What people need is a reliable alternative that will not crash when dropped or get damaged by dust or grease. Many people have expressed the need to carry a different phone for these tasks, and the Nokia 3310 will fit well.

The new features such as strong Bluetooth and faster internet connectivity will make this phone highly reliable when carrying comprehensive tasks because it is easy to link with the main phone. For example, instead of using the smartphone when working on the car in the garage, simply use the new Nokia 3310 and relay all diagnostics results.


The new model Nokia 3310 is already causing ripples online with many people indicating that they cannot wait to get it. HMD is already lining up other Nokia phones in a strategy that targets re-entry into the lucrative mobile phone markets. Will the revamped Nokia 3310 hit in the same- way it did at the onset of the century? Only time will tell.

Useful tips when going for bad credit mobile contracts

Looking for a phone contract when you have a history of bad credit can be tricky. It is more probable than not that you will be turned down by most providers. And, that is a bitter pill to swallow. Being turned down for a mobile contract because of a poor credit history is a frustrating experience. After all, we all know how much of a necessity technology has become in today’s world.

Unfortunately, a credit check is equally important as it is the tool that is used by most carriers to determine how likely it is you will be able to keep up with payments. So what will do if you have bad credit yet you want that contract so bad? Worry not, as here is a compiled list of useful tips that will help you improve your chances of approval.

Know your usage

When applying for a bad credit mobile contract, determining your usage is very important. You need to get good value for your money and the best way to do this is by knowing your monthly usage in terms of minutes, texts and data usage. You do not want a situation where you are paying an arm and a leg for a contract that is not helping you at all. For instance, if you will be browsing more than you will call, then you need a plan with more bundles than minutes. Taking a different plan will see you paying extra money every month which could even worsen your credit situation. Ensure you bargain for a deal that will best suit your needs.

Offer to make a down payment

Remember, the greatest fear of every provider is risk. And the riskier a deal looks, the higher the chances that they will reject it. No provider will get into a contract that may go wrong. That is why you need to reduce the risk involved by offering a down payment especially if you want a flagship killer. By doing this, you will be showing your provider that you are committed to the contract and even though your credit history says otherwise, you are able to support your payments throughout the contract.

It is important to note that this amount may vary from one provider to another and may also depend on the type of phone you want. Just ensure that you enquire before making payments. Additionally, some companies agree to it while others don’t so make sure you know this too.


Provider’s reputation

It goes without saying that a bad credit contract provider that has been in the business for a long time is more stable. Unlike one who just started and is still finding their bearing, they are more reliable and can help you get a better deal. Remember, you do not want to get into a contract that will prove to be more of trouble than relief. Therefore, always opt for a trusted firm that has over the years not only met but exceeded its customer’s expectations.

Payment options

This is a serious consideration to make when looking for a bad credit mobile contract. Ensure you go for a provider that offers numerous payment options including cash payment plans. You do not want to be stuck in a payment plan you are not comfortable with. Remember, the main goal is to improve your credit record and any delayed payments will not auger well for you.

When making an application, ensure you ask all the difficult questions and clearly spell out your own expectations. Avoid the situation where you enter into a contract only to find hidden clauses and charges. Not only will this be an inconvenience, but it will also be frustrating to you considering your financial standing.

Top Brands Show Up For Mobile World Congress 2017

Several of the world’s biggest mobile technology brands gathered together to showcase their latest gear at the Mobile World Congress 2017. After the disappointing lack of smartphone-related announcements at the first big tech event of the year – the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas – the Mobile World Congress comes as a great venue for catching up on the latest in smartphones, smartwatches, and other devices.

Being one of the biggest conferences and exhibitions for the mobile industry, the Mobile World Congress is quickly building up quite the anticipation not only from consumers, but also from mobile operators, device manufacturers, and technology providers from across the globe.


About The Mobile World Congress

The Mobile World Congress is an annual mobile conference, exhibition, and trade show organized and run by the GSMA, or the GSM Association, a trade body that represents the interests of mobile operators all around the globe. The event took place in different locations, but for the past three years it has been held in Barcelona, Spain, which has been chosen as the GSMA Mobile World Capital. The Mobile World Congress will be the site of future Mobile World Congress events through 2023.

As one of the most prominent mobile technology launch platforms in the world, the Mobile World Congress has brought on some of the best and most popular smartphones, tablets, smartwatches, and other devices in history. Aside from bringing in the industry’s heavyweights, it also draws in futurists and idealists, those who think about innovations such as 5G and virtual reality, and decide which direction mobile technology is heading.


Mobile World Congress Schedule

First held in 1987 as the GSM World Congress, the Mobile World Congress has generally been held in the first quarter of the year. The 2017 edition of the tech trade show will be no different, running from February 27 to March 3. During that week, the show will feature some of the latest mobile technology innovations by the biggest names in the mobile industry, such as Nokia, Huawei, Apple, Samsung, and more. Scheduled announcements and press briefings will be held prior to the opening of the exhibit.

BlackBerry at the 2017 Mobile World Congress

One surprising participant at the Mobile World Congress 2017 is BlackBerry. The company has held off on producing their own line of mobile phones and has instead handed down that task, and the manufacturing licenses, to TCL. However, the company has uncharacteristically unveiled a prototype of a new handset – codenamed Mercury – which is rumored to have a 2017 release date. Chances are, it will be launched at the Mobile World Congress.

According to first-hand accounts from those who have seen the Mercury in person, BlackBerry’s new touch and type candybar handset brings back the traditional BlackBerry keyboard integrated into its Android OS. It seems to have some pretty solid specs, although any final assessments won’t happen until the Mercury – or the DTEK70 as it is sometimes referred to – is officially released.



Keeping data usage in check on your mobile phone

What did we ever do before the advent of smartphones? It is nearly impossible to imagine life without them, yet a mere decade ago, these incredible gadgets simply did not exist.

Luckily, today we can use them to do just about anything – surf the internet, book travel tickets, help us navigate, check emails, keep in contact with our friends and play games. Actually, the list of their uses is practically endless.

Even in the world of business, the smartphone has become indispensable. It gives businessmen a mini-office right at their fingertips. The only thing missing is a secretary!

Now if there is a slight problem with smartphones (other than their cost), it is the fact that these gadgets are certainly very data hungry. That’s not a problem if you have an unlimited data contract but unfortunately, unless you are a businessman, the chances are pretty slim.

Many people, especially those upgrading to a smartphone for the first time find that they use data far quicker than they ever did before. And there are a number of reasons for that but generally, it is because smartphones are simply more data hungry than a regular mobile phone. Their applications and processes need data. Think of the simple weather widget. It might be set to update every hour. How does it do that? By accessing the internet of course and that means it uses data to do so.

In this blog we are going to look at a few tips you can use to help cut your data usage on your smartphone, ensuring your data package lasts longer than ever before.

Compression web browsers are key

Most smartphones come with either Google Chrome (Android) or Safari (iOS). These browsers are great but they tend to use a lot of data. Turn on compression mode in Google Chrome (settings/data save) or download Opera, a browser specially made to compress data. This can save as much as 30% in the long run.

Check background data usage

Many processes and apps on your smartphone need to perform an operation known as synching. This uses data. Luckily you can set this in various apps. For example, your mailbox might look for new mail every 5 minutes. Each time it does this, it uses a little bit of data. Set it to check every hour instead. If you are expecting an important mail, you can check for it manually.

Auto updates are a no-no!

It’s fun having a wide range of apps on our smartphones. Games, news updates, and other applications all get updated regularly. Make sure you turn auto updates off on your phone otherwise these will update without you knowing and your data will be gone in a flash. To update these apps, do it when you are in a free Wi-Fi zone. Your phone can be set to only update these apps when entering one so as not to use all your mobile data.

Secure Wi-Fi connections whenever you can

Wi-Fi is the perfect way to save on data. You should ensure that your phone connects whenever possible. Visiting a friend with Wi-Fi? Ask for the password and make sure your phone connects automatically when you visit. If you have Wi-Fi at home, stay connected at all times.

Keep track

Your phone has built-in data usage tools that you can study. This is a great way to see how much data you are using and which apps use the most. You will quickly find that social media are most to blame when it comes to data usage. Limiting your time on social media can help make those precious kilobytes last a little longer.

Expert Tips on Repairing Your Credit Score Fast After Getting No Credit Check Phone

When people get no credit check phones, the next step is building a solid financial history that can anchor higher scores. Though some people find it a monumental task; the truth is that you can still achieve it, and rather fast. In this post, we share expert tips on building your credit score faster after getting no credit check phones.

Pull your credit score report and correct errors

Every time that your credit score is referred to by a phone company or other credit organization, there is a risk of errors because the data is sourced from third parties. Banks, insurance companies, and other institutions can be late to submit your records or fail altogether because most of them have to focus on daily operations. Most of the people who go for their credit reports after getting no credit check phones establish that they have omissions or errors that push the score several points higher after correction.

Take short loans and clear them promptly

Your credit repayment history contributes about 35% of the credit score (whether bad or good). Well, though there is very little you can do about the past, you can add layers of good new things to tilt the score upwards. One of the easiest and fastest methods is taking short loans and repaying them as fast as possible. The activity will be reflected on the credit report and the score will start shifting upwards.

Clear your loans one after another

The amount you owe contributes to about 30% of your credit score. Now that you have gotten a no credit check mobile phone, you can clear all the debts. One of the fastest methods is the Snowball Strategy. This method involves reviewing all the credit that you owe to establish the lowest amount that can be paid on each. Then, the extra amount (after paying the minimum on all loans) is directed to clearing the loan with the lowest balance. Immediately the loan with least balance is cleared, all that was going to it is committed to the next loan with the lower balance. Within a short time, you will only be left with the loan with the highest balance.

Using credit cards as opposed to closing them

While credit cards have very high interest rates, experts advise people to use them to their advantage when building on credit score. For many people, the first instinct is closing the cards and forgetting them completely. However, this will only drag the credit score lower. Because closing the card does not erase the history, the best thing to do is repaying the loan so that elements of good history on the card can still anchor a better score. Then, use the credit card regularly and avoid overspending. For example, you can set spending limits and follow your credit card statements carefully to correct errors.

Knowing how to improve your credit score after getting no credit check mobile phones is very important. You definitely do not want to further aggravate your credit score situation by getting deeper into debt. Make wise financial decisions and work on improving your debt situation every new dawn. If you use these expert tips, rest assured of a better credit score and financial free life. Besides, you will no longer be worried of being denied a mobile contract in the future because of poor credit score.