The Best Augmented Reality Tools to Look For When Buying a Smartphone

For one and half decades, the smartphone has undergone a huge transformation. People have also transformed the way they use, interact, and perceive their smartphones. They are no longer simple texting or communicating gadgets, but complex handheld computing devices to help people augment their lifestyles.

Using the best smartphone, you can prepare projects, make presentations, hold a video conference, and distribute Wi-Fi to other gadgets in the office/home. The latest in the smartphone world are augmented reality tools that are taking the smartphone experience to a whole new level. Here is a closer look at reality tools to help you understand them and identify the top consideration that every smartphone should have.

What are augmented reality tools?

These are tools that help to superimpose computer generated images atop of the user’s view to create a composite outlook pegged on the virtual and real world. Many augmented reality apps mainly target the camera and GPS operations to deliver a more enthralling and authentic view. They also help to pull data of an object in real time to help with navigation and research. Because of the diverse applications, selecting the right tools for your smartphone can be a tough decision. Here are top five augmented tools to look for when buying a smartphone.


The layer is a magical AR tool that makes your smartphone interpret and tell you about anything in the globe. Using the camera, simply point it to a building, street, or even registration of a plane to get all related information. You will get layers of details about the building history, related searches, and important events held there. If you are pointing the camera to the registration of a plane, it will draw details such as model, flight info, and history of its operations. Even researchers in the wild also enjoy this tool by simply directing the camera to plants to identify their classification.


This is a free augmented reality tool that allows you to style the home (rooms) and arrive at the perfect layout. It has become one of the most sought after tools because a smartphone owner can design the house interior and come up with the best furniture and other home installations. By simply walking around the bedroom, kitchen, office, sitting room, or patio, you can position 3D models and evaluate how they look. This includes tweaking colours, patterns, themes, and other aspects to get a perfect fit for the home. The good thing about this tool is that updates bring new products including burners, faucets, wallpapers, and cabinets among other items for your living space.

Google Translate

This is an incredibly important AR tool that is used for translating information. The reality tool feature is in the camera mode to allow you to snap the photo of a text and get a direct translation in real time. If you are connected to Wi-Fi, the tool supports multiple languages. However, you can still use it when offline with a limited number of languages. This is a great tool especially for people who travel to areas with a different language because the tool can help with translation.


WallMe is a unique AR tool that allows the user to hide messages in different parts of the world. If you travel to Paris and want to proof you were there, leave a message that only other people with a WAllMe app can see and read. Take a picture of a building, sign, or even animal in a specific park and create a message to hide in that area. You can also make the messages private so that only those you want to see can read. The main con of this tool is that only those people who know about it and are actually using it can enjoy the fantasy.