Best Free and Paid Finance Mobile Phone Apps Today

When you create a budget, you have all the intention of sticking with it at least by theory and on paper. When it comes to execution, however, it’s harder than most of us thought. Many who create their budgets fall short often because of lack of discipline and diligent logging. Sometimes it’s because of our mistake to set unrealistic goals. In any case, we’re the only ones who have to face the consequences when we don’t stick and stay within budget.

Fortunately, there are now financial tools we can download in our phones to help us stay in budget without too much effort.

Best Free Finance Apps

Let’s begin with the best free apps in the market. There are four choices you can easily download for free and enjoy without any strings attached. They include the following:

1. Mint – This is free for both iOS and Android. The app has been used by millions of people when managing their finances. It lets you track all your accounts including checking, savings and even credit cards automatically. What it does basically is give you a central location to convene all your financial concerns. It’s great because it alerts you when you’re not within budget and it prompts reminders when it’s time to pay the bills.

2. Check – Another free app that’s available for both Android and iOS is Check which isn’t really your typical personal finance tool. It is previously known as Pageonce. Just like Mint it allows you to monitor your spending and finances in general by sending you push notifications or email updates real time.


3. PayPal – You’ve probably heard of PayPal at one point or another. It’s a great and free app for people who use the free service regularly. The mobile app lets you manage your account via phone including sending payments, receiving payments and any other transactions you may do using the platform.

4. BillGuard – If you’re a heavy credit card user, BillGuard might just be the perfect app to help you monitor your credit card statements thoroughly. Living up to its name, BillGuard guards you from shady, unwanted and questionable charges. If there are merchants who are known to charge clients unreasonably, those merchants are flagged immediately. It’s not only incredibly helpful and clever but it’s also yours for free.

Best Paid Finance Apps

Free apps are all good and wonderful but there are also times when you need extra features and functions in order to manage your finances well. Below are some of the best paid finance apps in the market today:

1. Budget Boss – For only 99 cents, Budget Boss will give you a simple, clever and easy to use app for iPhone. More than just logging your expenses, the app helps you whip up a budget in a breeze and evaluate its effectiveness along the way. With the app at your fingertips, you can easily spot problems on your spending which then enables you to adjust accordingly.


2. ProOnGo – If you need something that can help you with both your business and personal finances then look no further than ProOnGo. The app is paid on a monthly basis starting at $0.99. In exchange for the monthly fees, you avail a set of features that will help you track your expenses up to the last cent. If you want even more advanced functions, the app has a premium plan which costs around $4.99 per month.

3. EasyMoney – This app is designed specifically for Android users. It’s a tad more expensive than other paid apps at around $9.95. But the investment should be worth it with the apps many applications. It lets you manage your finance speedily. It also offers a 30-day trial period in case you’d want to test the waters first before paying for it.

4. Pocket Money – Designed for iOS, Pocket Money looks like a good investment at around $4.99. What the app does is give you a nice overview of all your accounts and transactions. It also allows you fiddle with your finances. You can manually log transactions or create custom filters. If you want more features, the app offers in-app purchases that will help you tailor the app’s functions according to your needs.