Which Is Better Between Siri and Google Assistant?

The smartphone niche is evolving rather fast. When Apple launched the iPhone x last month, it became apparent that the focus is now shifting from the common features to advanced levels of artificial intelligence. A few weeks later, Google released its Pixel 2 that has rattled the market giants because of its unique features and capabilities. What remain most notable with the latest smartphones are their virtual assistants.

Apple has its magnificent Siri that is embedded in the latest devices while Google’s Assistant has dominated the home devices for a couple of years. Well, the main question that does not appear to go away is which is better between the Google Pixel 2 Assistant and Apple x Siri?

What are Google Assistant and Siri?

Siri is Apple’s intelligent assistant that is inbuilt in its latest devices. It allows users to use voice commands to operate the phone and carry multiple tasks. Google assistant, like Siri, is the latest refinement in the company’s virtual technology. It allows the user to operate the smartphone as well as other multiple devices via voice commands. Notably, unlike Siri, the Google Assistant is now available to Apple devices. This means Google has now taken the battle to the doorsteps of the top competitor.

What exactly can Siri and Google Assistant do?

Siri was first introduced in 2011 which coincided with the release of iOS 5. Over the years, Apple has kept updating the iOS as well as Siri to the latest iOS 11. You can either call the app directly by long pressing the home button or navigating via the settings to the Allow Hey Siri. Once you open the app, it allows you to do the following via voice commands;

  • Emailing, texts, and calling any number saved on the phone
  • Launching apps on the phone
  • Starting a facetime video
  • Getting directions
  • Downloading music
  • Getting directions
  • Controlling lights and devices connected to the Apple Home App

Google Assistant does a lot of things that Siri can do. These include emailing, texting, downloading music, and getting directions among others. Notably, the Google Assistant appears to be a little advanced compared to Siri because users can follow previously asked questions.

Another capability that is only possible in Google is the I/O that allows makes it possible to read texts within images. This means that from menus to sights, you can capture the tests and translate to notes, calendars, and themes.

Understanding voice commands

This is the bottom line to determining what is better between Siri and Google Assistant. When Apple integrated the latest Siri in the iOS 11, the focus was to get past Google Assistant. This is the reason why Apple’s Siri understands most of the commands. However, this only goes smoothly when there are no background noises.

To maintain its lead in the virtual assistant niche, Google consolidated its experience and perfected all the virtual assistant components especially in the latest Pixel 2 and Android Oreo. Well, no matter the background, Google Assistant will always give correct results.

The devices that Siri and Google assistants work with

The voice command technology is advancing very fast and is now well planted in the living room. Siri appears on your Apple TV providing users with the option of searching music, videos, and even asking for specific music from services like Spotify. Siri also allows users to control other devices on the HomeKit.

Google assistant drives the Home smart devices. Most of these are stand-alone units that can respond to voice commands. It links to smart devices such as television, monitoring cameras, home theatre, and heaters.

The final take

Google Assistant has demonstrated its superiority in the voice command niche. Though Siri is coming up rather fast, it has a long way to reach the level of Google Assistant. Besides, Google has taken the battle right to the doorstep of Apple by making it possible for iOS devices to use it.