Contract mobile phones

Contract mobile phones remain one of the best ways to get yourself a sweet deal of internet, texts and calls while maintaining an up-to-date phone. Even better, you get to do it at an affordable price that you pay on a per month basis.

The number of deals offered are skyrocketing and it gets harder and harder trying to figure out what best suits you, and at an affordable price.

Here’s a comprehensive guide to help you out with that.


What exactly are contract phones?

Well, simply put, these are phone services that you pay a fixed fee every month as opposed to paying the full cost up front. Before opting in, you get to choose a suitable package that you’ll use throughout. That way, you won’t be worried about going out of credit.


Why go for a mobile phone contract?

You get a handset cheaply

This is perhaps one of the biggest motivators for going for these contracts. Everybody loves a free phone, and getting one of the latest is an even more convincing idea. However, different providers would have different rules when getting these contracts.

In most cases, owning one of the latest handsets would require you to pay an upfront fee. Having a poor credit score makes it a lot harder to gain the flagships so you may have to opt for the bad credit mobile handsets.


Cheaper phone bills

A mobile phone contract will have you enjoying even better deals, and this is particularly true if you make good use of them. However, poor planning would cause you to use data or calls that exceed your quota and may lead to more charges on your end.

The best way to enjoy the benefits of a contract and keep your bills on the lower end is if you know exactly how much data or calls you make and get a contract that fits perfectly into your usage scheme.


Incentives and gifts

Mobile phone providers also offer gifts and incentives when you sign up with them. The incentives vary from hands free headsets to huge gifts such as Xbox consoles. Other providers also offer movie tickets or additional texts or data bundles to incentivise the users.


Phone contracts vs. prepaid cell phones

Yes, phone contracts are a gift from the heavens, but do they really triumph the prepaid cell phones? The consequences of paying for a product in instalments are well known. You end up paying a lot more than you would have in a single one time purchase. When it comes to phone contracts, this price difference can get to up to hundreds of pounds.


However, not everyone is comfortable with losing £600 – £700 in one go. Additionally, you may end up losing hundreds of minutes or texts if you rarely call or always keep your phone connected to Wi-Fi.


So it’s all a matter of preferences and usage patterns.


Mobile phone contracts for bad credit

If you are constantly rejected due to having poor credit score and still don’t want to go the pay-as-you-go route, then bad credit mobile phones are probably your best bet. These are contracts given without conducting a credit check so you’ll have a much higher probability of getting the contract even with a tainted credit score.

However, most of these bad credit contracts don’t give you the option of grabbing the high-end flagship killers. Those that do require you to make a huge upfront deposit so as to get the phone.