Cut Your Phone Bill in Half

Do you know that majority of people waste a ton of money on their phone bills? You might even be one of the statistics. That’s no surprise either. In this day and age when we can’t live without our smart phones, we are bound to overspend on our phone bills if we’re not careful. This is despite the fact that mobile phone carriers are now already offering “unlimited” phone services. Majority of mobile phone contracts nowadays either have unlimited texts or call or both which are great news for heavy users.

With these services at users’ fingertips, you’d think that phone bills should be more favorable for consumers. Unfortunately, that’s not the case at all. Majority of users are still paying more than what they should.

If you want to slash your phone in half, the common recommendation is for you to choose a cheaper phone. It’s sound advice but it’s not an easy one. Why sacrifice when you can have the best of both worlds, right? You don’t really have to forego your iPhone or Samsung handset option if you keep the guidelines in mind below when shopping for a phone contract.


Getting it Right from the Start

In order to dramatically cut your phone bill in half if possible, you need to get it right from the start. There’s no need to sacrifice services or your handset choice. But you do need to carefully pick the right carrier to enjoy huge phone bill savings.

To choose the best carrier to meet your needs at a price that’s both reasonable and affordable, you’ll have to do your homework thoroughly. Research your options and compare plans. If you’re up to it, you might want to create a spreadsheet. The one with the lowest priced plans wins, naturally.

The Secret to Lower Phone Bills

Because there are now unlimited services, the advice where you cut unnecessary features and services from your plan wouldn’t really apply anymore. But there’s another and more effective way to reduce your bill significantly.

Opt for family plans. These plans typically offer massive discounts which you can take advantage even if you’re single. As long as the bill goes to one person or address, you can still avail of the plan by either joining your extended family or inviting a friend or two to qualify.

Though looking for a friend, family member or relative who want to join you in the plan may be inconvenient, remember that the payoff is going to be massive. Depending on your carrier and the number of person included in the family plan, you may save maybe £400 to £500 per year on your phone bill. Imagine that. That’s a lot of money you can avoid wasting if only you take advantage of the family plan.