How to Save More Money in 2014

We have barely two months before the year comes to a close. You may have committed a financial blunder or two along the way. But it isn’t too late yet to save more money for 2014. Below are some of the best strategies you can take advantage if you want to put your finances in a good place before 2015 starts:

Pay debt

Anytime is always the best time to pay down your debt. Before you get sucked up by the holiday spirit, it is a wise financial move to take care of your debt before anything else. If you have a huge debt you’ve been putting aside for months, it’s time to do something about it now.

When it comes to finances, you won’t be able to save well and more unless you reduce your liabilities first. Whether it’s a personal loan or a credit card, aim to arrange a set-up that will enable you to pay off those debts eventually.

Plan ahead

To save more before this year ends, planning is imperative. If you don’t have a solid financial plan guiding you right now then you’re putting yourself in a difficult spot. Again, it’s never too late to devise a plan. Take a moment to sit down and assess your savings, expenses, liabilities and everything else that affect your current finances.


Shop wisely

One of the major money wasters this time of year is holiday shopping. We are all in the mood to shop and give. That’s understandable but can also be dangerous to your finances. To avoid the all too common pitfall of overspending, you are advised to plan ahead in advance. You should know how much you want and can afford to spend for the holiday then stick with it.

Seek for professional help

It’s also never too late to seek for professional help if necessary. In fact, the last few months of the year are a good time to start planning for 2015 ahead of time. Whether you need advice with your debt, investment or anything related to finances, you can end the year right and start off 2015 with a bang if you have a professional advisor guiding you along the way.

Take Care of Taxes

Don’t wait until tax time before you tackle your taxes. Procrastination never does anyone good. While you still have a lot of time now, you might want to start working on your taxes already. By assessing your expenses and tax responsibilities for the upcoming April, you’ll know which areas you can probably tweak and adjust to save more money this 2014.