The specs of the iPhone X blew many iPhone lovers’ minds away. It after all, contained many firsts for the iPhone family. The phone however seemed to not have a similar effect to many in the Android crowd. To these dissenting people, most of the features being introduced weren’t nearly as ground-breaking as Apple made them out to be. In fact, they viewed the iPhone X as Apple way of catching up with their Android counterparts who were far ahead in mobile technology.

No home button

While the iPhone X seems revolutionary to Apple fans and users because of its lack of a home button, and is incidentally the first of its kind. Android users with phones from many manufacturers have not seen a home button on their phones for eons. It is therefore inconsequential to them to hear that a phone doesn’t have a home button. Actually most of them have had a long time to get accustomed to controlling their phones from the screen. It may be a big deal for Apple users but for Android users it’s just another ordinary day with nothing new to tell.

Edge to Edge Screen

While it is undeniable that the iPhone X is the only phone whose screen has a notch, edge to edge screens are not new to the mobile industry at all. In fact it has been one of the selling factors of their rival, Samsung for a very long time. Despite it being a welcome addition to iPhones and a cause for applause, it is very understandable why it receives an eye roll from majority of Android users.

Screen Size

Apple users were delighted to learn that with the iPhone X, they will be getting a pocket sized phone with a screen big enough to comfortably view movies. Well, this is again not a field that has not been trodden before, Android phones have for a long time been using this trick to fit large screens on a comfortably sized phones.

OLED Display

While Apple tried to justify its late entry into the OLED display game by saying this is the first to be up to Apple standards, the fact still remains that many Android phones have been using OLED screens long before they adopted it. Also, the benefits they are boasting about, derived from the use of an OLED screen are an exact replica of the benefits experienced from the users of Android with S8s or Note 8s. Ironically, the maker of the OLED display that Apple is bragging about happens to be none other than Samsung which is remains one of the few manufacturers of the display.

Wireless Charging

Despite Apples wildly raving about the inclusion of wireless charging to the iPhone X, it feels like catch up to its Android counterparts who have for a long time now been offering it. It is almost like Apple caved into pressure from its customers who were very disappointed with the lack of wireless charging in the iPhone 7. Thankfully with the introduction of this feature to iPhones, they finally join the rest of the mobile tech world which was already viewing wireless charging as a norm.

Optical Image Stabilization

This amazing feature enables you to take good photos in low light and even on a shaking phone. In spite of Apple just welcoming OIS into their cameras, it is something that was already in use in the Note 8.

Facial Recognition

While Apple made a big deal out of it, it happens to have been first introduced by Windows Hello, then Samsung who adapted it to iris scanning. Apple might have made significant improvements on it but they aren’t its pioneers as they instigate.