Quick guide to getting the best carrier service

Getting the phone of your dreams shouldn’t be the only thing on your mind when it comes to your social life. You should probably remember that the network you choose actually determines how much you’ll enjoy your handset so take some time and justify your choice. Once you get the best experience from a carrier, even your phone would thank you. So, wondering what carrier you should go for? Here are some of the top factors to put into account.


This should be at the top of your list when making your option. You need to have a proper signal from all the places you visit so ask around what other people are using and if they are fully contented. However, you should know that even in urban areas, blind spots exist and some areas like underground tunnels are most probably going to have less signal.

Don’t simply pick the phone with most coverage in your country, it may have top notch coverage in general but very poor signal in your location. You’d be much better off with a carrier that serves your location perfectly even if their coverage is limited. This is especially if you’re not the travelling type.

If you are an international tourist, then pick a service that supports GSM because it’s present globally. The other alternative is CDMA and its international coverage is greatly limited by the fact that only a few countries use this technology.


Data speeds

For a regular internet user, don’t stop at coverage. The smartphone does a lot more than just making calls and most of these functions use the internet. Get a carrier service that provides the best internet speeds because right now 4G is the way to go and data cables are being laid all over.

However, the coverage also comes into play when dealing with internet speeds so you’ll have to be a bit smart. If you live in an area where the carrier with most coverage throughout the country doesn’t provide 4G, but another carrier does, the pick the latter if internet means so much to you.

Type of handset

You could also be limited by the kind of handset you have. Some phones are designed to be served by only particular carriers and if your heart and soul are rigid followers of the brand, then you’ll not have an option. So before buying a new phone, ensure that you check the carrier(s) it supports if you want to prevent yourself from regretting in the near future. This is especially true when it comes to subsidised phones.



You also have to gauge how much price means to you. If it’s really important, then you’ve got to play your cards right. Do you shopping during the holidays or back to school season to score yourself the best deals.

Additionally, you may get better deals with carriers if you bring your number from a previous carrier or trade in your old phone. More often than not, you’ll find the right plan for you that’s paired with the specific phone model.

You could also inquire about their policies on the unused month’s data. Some carriers would allow you to carry it over to the next month without any extra charges.