Why Revamped Nokia 3310 Is Likely To Be a Hit in the Market

Since Nokia 3310 was launched in 2000, its tough chassis, rugged outlook, and irresistible snake video game made it sell over 126 million pieces. HMD is planning to relaunch the Nokia 3310, and everybody can’t wait to get hold of this priceless piece. The revamped Nokia 3310 will be a powerhouse that no one will want to miss. Here are three reasons why this is the phone that everybody has been waiting for.

A closer look at the downsides of the old Nokia 3310 model

While Nokia 3310 was cherished so much at the turn of the century, it would look like crap in its original design in the current world.  

  • The display was merely 84×48 pixel resolution which would not even impress a kid. Compare this with the Super AMOLED Galaxy S7’s 2,560×1,440 pixel resolution!
  • The old model operated only on GSM 1800 and GSM 900 that stand nowhere close to lighting 4G speeds of top smartphones today.
  • Besides, it lacked features such as camera and Bluetooth that every person cherishes so much.
  • It was powered by an old MAD2WD1 processor that cannot take any modern app.

Why the new model Nokia 3310 will be a hit

Everybody is looking forward to getting hold of the new Nokia 3310 model not because it will have the specs that will rival the iPhone 7 Plus of other top smartphones, but because it fills a gap that the former can’t.


  • Toughness will be enhanced with new drop proofing technologies 

One component that made previous Nokia 3310 irresistible was its toughness. So tough was the chassis that the phone could fall on a concrete floor many times and remain functional. HMD has now enhanced the toughness with drop proof technologies to make the new model even tougher.

  • It will be more affordable compared to the older model

When Nokia 3310 was first released, you had to let go £129.99 to get hold of it. Though the prices fell sharply in the subsequent 7 years, it still commands a price of £69 on Amazon today. HMD is counting on making the phone more economical by releasing it for only £59. This will work well especially by targeting the emerging markets where affordability and quality are crucial. Though some might argue that even other smartphones with better features retail cheaply, HMD has equally revamped the new model. It will also be counting on the old glory.

  • The new model will be a perfect complement other smartphones

Unlike other smartphones that always target being the top on the market, HMD has found a soft underbelly of the market and plan to fill the gap. Well truth be told, no one wants to flash out the flashy, slim, shiny, and stylish Galaxy S7 Note when working in a garage, repairing machinery in the industry, or carrying other tough tasks. What people need is a reliable alternative that will not crash when dropped or get damaged by dust or grease. Many people have expressed the need to carry a different phone for these tasks, and the Nokia 3310 will fit well.

The new features such as strong Bluetooth and faster internet connectivity will make this phone highly reliable when carrying comprehensive tasks because it is easy to link with the main phone. For example, instead of using the smartphone when working on the car in the garage, simply use the new Nokia 3310 and relay all diagnostics results.


The new model Nokia 3310 is already causing ripples online with many people indicating that they cannot wait to get it. HMD is already lining up other Nokia phones in a strategy that targets re-entry into the lucrative mobile phone markets. Will the revamped Nokia 3310 hit in the same- way it did at the onset of the century? Only time will tell.