Samsung Galaxy S5 Review

Ever since the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus were released, it’s all what we’ve heard the mobile phone world has talked about. If you’re especially not an Apple phone then you’re probably tired and maybe frustrated about what both experts and consumers have to say. To give you some breathing room, we’ll veer off from such talks. Instead, we’ll zoom in on what Samsung latest offer at the moment.

Giving consumers and Apple a run for their money is the Samsung Galaxy S5. Rather than revolutionize the mobile phone world, Samsung opted to evolve instead knowing that Apple is unbeatable when it comes to the former.

Compared to its predecessor, the Samsung Galaxy S5 can be summed up in one word – better. The camera is better giving users clearer images and faster speed. The batter is larger and offers a longer battery life. When it comes to the screen, it’s also bigger not to mention brighter. But more important, the processor is guaranteed to be quicker and hugely powerful.


In short, the latest Samsung offering is designed to make your user mobile experience better in every respect.

For a die-hard Samsung fan and Android user, the Samsung Galaxy S5 is the kind of phone that you won’t have second thoughts about getting. Sure it has its downsides like slow background and not entirely a very impressive design. Nonetheless, the price for the phone which is around £400 to £500 in the UK for the Sim-free options makes the deal a tad more attractive. This is true at least if you consider and compare the phone’s price from the previous Samsung Galaxy offers.

So while Apple fans are raving about their newest iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus handsets, Samsung users are also reveling in what the brand has been and will be offering in the coming months.

Those who love bigger, better and brighter screens will love the Samsung Galaxy S5. If you’re not comfortable with big, there’s always the mini version of the model. Also coming your way is the highly anticipated Samsung Galaxy Alpha. It is also a smaller phone just like the mini but with the same power that the Samsung Galaxy S5 can offer.

All in all, Samsung with its latest offers seems to be the only company that gives Apple some good competition. While Samsung Galaxy S5’s design has more room for improvement, it’s good enough in terms of performance and other improvements from the previous offers. It won’t in any case outdo Apple’s latest iPhones but it offers users who’ve been Samsung fans from the beginning something to look forward to.