Six Things to Check out When Buying a Used iPhone

IPhones are some of the most sought after smartphones in the market. However, they do not come cheap. The latest iPhone 7 Plus goes for over £900 in some stores. Now, if you opt for the simpler option, the contract strategy, the chances are you will be tied to the deal for very many months and end up paying over £2000. The better option is acquiring a used iPhone.

While some people might have reservations about used items, you only need to be extra careful to get the right phone. Many are the times that those selling their phones are not doing so because they have been damaged but from the desire to upgrade. For example, when the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus hit the market, many people on the previous version 6 sold their phones to upgrade. To be sure of getting the right used iPhone, here are six things to watch out.

Ensure that the iPhone is not water damaged

One thing that used iPhone buyers need to know is that AppleCare Protection Plan will not compensate/cover any problem related to water damage. You must, therefore, ensure that the phone does not have any water damage. Make sure to check the LCI (Liquid Contact Indicator) on the side. It should always be white to silver when the phone is not damaged by a liquid. However, it turns to deep RED when the phone is damaged by water.

Checkout to avoid buying a stolen iPhone

Apple, unlike other companies, has made it almost impossible to use a stolen phone. You can check whether a phone stolen by using the Activation Lock Tool. Make sure to use the IMEI number and confirm the previous owner before completing any used phone deal.  If it is stolen, you will end up with a shell of a phone that cannot be activated and, therefore, unable to work with any carrier network.



Take images with the phone to check the effectiveness of the camera

Just like other sections such as screen which you want to be as smooth as new, you want the camera to be equally efficient. To know the camera is in top condition, take some photos and compare them with those taken from a new iPhone of a similar model.

Establish that the battery is in top condition

Most iPhones have a battery life or 1½-2 days when new. You want to be sure that the battery life will be significant before getting a recharge. It is advisable to look for anything more than 24 hours. To get a clear estimate on this, open the main applications and leave them running until the battery drains completely.

Test the iPhone connectivity (Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and GPS)

Today, most of the things done on smartphone revolve around the internet. From social media, downloading & updating apps, and streaming music, everything is dependent on the effectiveness of the internet. You must, therefore, ensure that the Wi-Fi works well, Bluetooth can exchange data fast, and the phone location can be tracked using GPS.


Confirmthe iPhone has a smooth and appealing outlook

While the phone might have been used for months, it is not reason enough to have a scratched screen. You need a phone with a clear screen looking as good as new. This means that the videos and images viewership will always be an enjoyable experience. Be extra careful to spot corner scratches, faded sections, and marks that give the screen a bad image.

If you opt to go for a used iPhone, it is a great idea because the cost is low and most of them are as good as new. In addition to the outlined tips, it is important to check the charging ports, headphones, and make several calls to confirm quality.