Old Flagships vs. Mid-Range phones

Picking a phone you like can be an uphill task.  There are so many considerations that you need to factor into making your decision. To spiral you into further confusion comes the question of whether you prefer a mid-range or an old phone. This decision is not made any easier by the many contradicting opinions claiming one is far better. Whose advice is most wise? That’s a tough question to answer but it can be made simpler with a comprehensive comparison of the two.


When it comes to hardware there is no straightforward answer on which of the two is better. It simply depends on the mid-range device you are using for comparison. Although there are circumstances where the mid-range devices features are similar or even better than those of the flagship, in most scenarios for you will have to make a trade-off. This means you will have to compromise on a good camera for more internal memory storage et cetera. This is very unlike with an old flagship, whose top notch features though a year old are two out of three times still relevant. It is still important to comprehensively compare the two devices because though the rule of the thumb says that an old flagship is better, it does not always ring true.


On the subject of updates, mid-range phones are ranked considerably higher than old flagships. Android is already rated poorly because of the slow pace with which updates are rolled out, how about in an old phone? It is claimed that most android phones never get an update in their lifespan. If you could care less about having the latest operating system, then you will not mind getting an old flagship conscious that you may never receive an update.  If you are a tech enthusiast who enjoys owning the latest software, then a mid-range phone may fair better for you. Security patches are after all important.


The beauty of an old-flagship phone is that it has been used and tested by so many people. There are tons of reviews of what it can do and what it can’t do. Buying an old flagship will prevent you from falling victim to tech companies marketing strategies. You will be able to ascertain the prowess of a phone instead of having a misconstrued image of a phone. Additionally, in the event that you run into a problem while using the phone, you will be delighted to discover that you aren’t alone, and as result, solutions to your problem have already been found. This is something you cannot easily find with the latest mid-range phone. There will be tons of reviews, but majority of them will not be first-hand experiences but assumptions off the box. With an old flagship, you have a year old of experience and advice which can prove very handy.


On the matter of warranty, you have a better bet with the latest mid-range phone. This is because network providers tend to only stock the latest phones, forcing you to turn to dealers who may not always offer a warranty. Buying a phone without a warranty at a mid-range price is simply dreadful. This means any challenges you run into with the phone are your responsibility. This can prove quite pricey especially since it’s an old flagship. Another downside is that in the event that the phone does include a warranty, which is a good thing, their warranties tend to be for a shorter duration than that mid-range phones.  The presence of a short duration of manufacturer support does make one cringe and shy away from them. Mid-range phones don’t have this challenge.

In conclusion, they both have downsides and advantages, the question of which is better is now left to you to decide.

Mobile technology: Popular operating systems you should know about

What makes a phone work? How is it possible to move virtual objects, talk to your mobile and even play games on your mobile? The answer is simple- operating systems. You don’t even have to be very keen to notice the different interfaces between various smartphones. A common example would be the iPhone and other android phones. However, there are a few others out there too. As a mobile phone user, it is important to be aware of some popular operating systems so that you can know what works best for you.


Created by Apple, the iOS is among the most popular mobile operating systems in the world today. It is characterized with class and prestige when it comes to smartphones.

This OS is only found in the iPhone and other Apple’s devices. It’s not that they are selfish, it’s just business. As a matter of fact, this limited sharing is what has made the iOS thrive today, being considered as a luxury OS more than just a commercial OS. Furthermore, the iOS is not that difficult to use. It has a fairly understandable interface that is easy to adapt to and manoeuvre around. Unfortunately, the iOS is not compatible with most software from its competitors.


The android is also a popular mobile OS. In fact, it could even be more widespread across the globe than any other OS ever made. The android was created to suit almost anyone in society. Take a look around. Android smartphones have the largest price ranges out there. It’s easy to get a cheap android phone and yet again a pricey one too. You could call it the “budget” OS. Moreover, the android comes with one of the easiest user interfaces ever. If you are thinking of getting your aged parents a smartphone, then it definitely has to be an android phone. Android is very easy and fun to use, making it simple for the elderly to learn. The issue with android is that it’s over-fragmented whereby it comes in too many versions that are not that necessary.


Just as the name sounds, this is one powerful OS that has really stood the test of time. The Blackberry has a very unique user-interface. One thing you’ll like about the Blackberry OS is the BlackBerry world that introduces you to limitless applications that you might not find in any other OS. Additionally, Blackberry smartphones are also associated with prestige with most of them being costly to acquire. Therefore, if you want an OS for your corporate affairs this is it, thanks to Blackberry’s Enterprise server. Although it’s not as easy to use like android, it doesn’t take long for you to get the hang of it.


Not only has Microsoft’s Windows dominated the PC World; the impact of this famous OS has also been felt in the smartphone industry as well.  When it comes to the Windows OS, you should expect a more futuristic and retro-look when it comes to the user interface. Additionally, you’ll get to enjoy its beautiful animations and strong in-built resistance to viruses. Apart from that, you will also experience the unmatched speeds of internet explorer even from your smartphone. Fact is that this OS is not as user-friendly as the android or iOS. Windows is a bit tiled and will feel strange for the first time, especially if you are used to other operating systems. However, it won’t take long for you to get used to it.

Myths about smartphones that You Need to Bury

As smartphones get increasingly popular, all sorts of information about their use and effect are passed around. Most of this information is completely false, lacking any scientific or technological evidence. Beware of the facts to avoid being fed all sorts of lies. The most common myths about smartphones that have actually been widely believed are:

Drain your battery before recharging

Completely draining your phone’s charge can cause internal damage.  Always have some charge in your phone at all times since smartphones use lithium-ion batteries that last longer if kept charged.

Overnight charging could damage your phone

This was true of older batteries which could be destroyed by overcharging. Modern phones monitor charging and power is cut off once charging is complete.


Use only the original battery

This is obviously a marketing strategy by the phone manufacturers to get more profit! As long you buy a charger from a reputable company as a replacement, you are good to go.

Closing background apps boosts performance

Performance and battery use is not affected by the number of apps running in the background. This is true about both Apple and Android devices.

Wi-Fi and Bluetooth drain battery

This was true of older models but modern devices are not affected by these transmitters if not in active use. You can put them on or off at your own will without much effect.

Automatic brightness saves battery power

The process of a phone adjusting its brightness actually consumes unnecessary power. Dim and brighten your screen manually whenever necessary.

People want smaller phones

The first models of mobile phones were very large and bulky. People wanted smaller and lighter phones but with the appearance of smartphones, the bigger it, the better!

The more the megapixels, the better the camera

The quality of photos taken doesn’t just depend on megapixels. Factors such as quality of the sensor and the image processing software play a major role.

Smartphones Give People Cancer

Scientists, backed by WHO, have never really confirmed that there’s an association between the use of mobile phones and increased risk of cancer.

Smartphones Make Us Dumber

Studies have actually suggested the exact opposite- smartphones make us smarter. They help people stay in intellectually demanding jobs for longer.

Smartphones Make Us Antisocial

On the contrary, they enable us to speak even more to friends and family than ever before and even meet new people.

Switching your phone to airplane mode keeps you from getting tracked.

Enabling airplane mode only disables Wi-Fi and network service but the phone can still be tracked via satellite.

Android phones are vulnerable

Android phones unlike Apple devices are allowed to download from anywhere but this does not mean that they are vulnerable. Their operating system is actually very secure.

Next time you hear someone make a claim about smartphones, be curious and verify whether it is true. Do not just believe everything you hear. It may be information that is a downright strategy to market certain products or a claim stemming from utter ignorance!

Top reasons IOS beats Android

Smartphone users are always in constant competition about the two biggest names in mobile phone operating systems, Android and iOS. For those who have used previous models of iphone and likely have had an iPhone as their first smartphone, let us look at top reasons why they would never consider switching to android.

Selling your phone

When you want to sell your phone in order to upgrade to a better phone, you will notice that the iPhone doesn’t depreciate as fast as android phones and will therefore fetch a better price. Good news when thinking of getting the latest iphone model.

User friendliness

When you consider how long it takes to understand and familiarize yourself with the iOS, the rate is considerably faster when compared to understanding the android operating system.

Headphones control

With the iphone headset, you have access to more controls such as play, pause, skip back, as well as volume up and down buttons. Most of these are not found with android headphones. However, some headphones may contain these features.

Unnecessary Apps

Android phones come with stock applications that you cannot uninstall and there are those that you’d probably never use. They end up consuming storage space and even some RAM. This is not the case with iOS. While it comes with apps that are useful, you can uninstall them and download only the ones you need.

Apple store customer support

When it comes to finding solutions and assistance when dealing with your phone issues, or whether you want to make a replacement, apple customer support are a step ahead of android. You will find most of the help you need in apple store and can even get a replacement outside your warranty at a cheaper price than getting one out of contract.

Storage management

Android phones often require you to add a micro card to boost your storage. While there is nothing wrong with this, you cannot download some apps such as whatsapp on your micro sd card. With an iPhone, you can choose a phone with a bigger storage space and although this will cost more, it will ensure that all your apps are stored in the phone for better use.

Notification management.

IOS notification management is far superior to android. While android makes it easy for you to clear and delete notifications, you can easily alter the settings if you do so in a rush. IOS allows you to quickly access your notifications without the need to worry about hastily making any changes to the settings.

Apps updates

When you consider the speed at which updates are delivered, iphone users are at an advantage when compared to android. Iphone delivers quick and regular updates regardless of the model. In contrast some updates may take months to be available to android users.

File sharing

When using different devices to share files and data and they use iOS such as Mac, iPhone and iPad, the process is far easier than when file sharing and synchronization between say an android device and windows. The data interchange process is simplified in iOS. iPhone apps are also better looking and simpler to use than android apps.