A Look at the Exquisite Features of Google Pixel 2

Google has further solidified its tenure in the mobile world with the release of Pixel 2. As the successor of the original Pixel, one of the best phones of 2016, it is a phone which is expected to further showcase an Android phone as visualised by Android’s creators. Furthermore, as a phone which has been positioned to compete with the flagships from other Android super giants like Samsung, it most definitely makes a case for a wonderful review.



Just like in the first Pixel, Google has used glass and metal in the making of the phone’s body. The back of the phone is two toned with the top made of a curved glass panel which houses the cameras and the rest of body of aluminium where the fingerprint scanner resides. This glass and metal finish gives the phone a premium look and feel.

However in the year of bezel-less phones, Google disappoints by retaining bezels in the Pixel 2, denying it that futuristic look. However to redeem itself, the lower bezel has enabled them to fit in two front facing speakers which provide an unmatched audio experience. Additionally, they have introduced a brand new way to trigger Google Assistant, with a squeeze on the sides. For futuristic, although they have bezels, they don’t have a headphone jack.


The Pixel 2 has a 5 inch screen which uses AMOLED technology. Consequently, the colours are vibrant and text clear. It is also made of Corning Gorilla glass making it as can scratch resistant as can be in this year. Furthermore it supports HDR which is fast being adopted by the likes of Netflix and YouTube

Processor, RAM, Internal Memory

Google equipped the Pixel 2 with the Snapdragon 835 and 4GB RAM simultaneously making it one of the fastest phones in the market.  Accompanying the first rate processor and RAM are two incredible choice of internal memory to pick from, 64GB and 128GB.  Choose wisely because there is no expandable memory option


True to its name, Pixel 2 also strives to be crowned the best camera phone of 2017 and it may have just have succeeded using an ingenious combination of hardware and software. It has 12MP rear camera with a focal aperture of 2.0. Unlike its rivals, it is able to use this single camera through dual pixel technology to achieve Portrait Mode, the picture effect that enables background blurring. The rear camera also has optical image stabilisation, gyroscopic stabilisation and laser autofocus. Portrait mode isn’t isolated to the rear view camera but also works excellently with the front facing cameras which is 8MP.  However, due to the lack of dual camera, Pixel 2 doesn’t offer 2x optical zoom and/or super wide angle lens. Nevertheless, for amazing photos, Google Pixel 2 could be an easy choice.

Battery Life and Charging

Unlike its camera, Pixel 2’s battery life may be nothing to sing about. It is a meagre 2700mAh after all, an actual reduction from the original Pixel’s battery size. Although the Pixel boasts the efficient Snapdragon 835 and shunned power hungry dual cameras, in this day age, heavy usage should be prioritized.

Another front that the Pixel 2 disappoints in is its lack of wireless charging support which seems retrogressive. Considering that its rivals, Note 8 and iPhone 8 all support wireless charging, it is a puzzle why Google would neglect to include it.

Colour options

Apart from black and white, the Pixel 2 comes in a brand new shade blue.

Water Resistance

Google corrected the grave omission of water resistance in Pixel 1 with the introduction of the Pixel 2. Pixel 2 has an IP67 water resistance meaning it can stay up to 30 minutes one meter under water.