What constitutes a good camera phone?

Every tech company claims to have the best camera phone in the industry. They state a bunch of jargon that should translate to the best camera and we fall for it. There is a lot of contradicting arguments on what makes a good camera phone. Some people claim it is the megapixels, others the aperture. Everyone put up a convincing argument. In this article we look at the aspects of a camera that you should look for to ensure that it takes the best pictures.


First, if you are in pursuit of a camera phone, you need a paradigm shift. You need to abandon that mentality that preaches that more megapixels translates into better picture and adopt a new one that megapixels are of the least importance when it comes to good cameras. It sounds crazy because tech companies have been using megapixels to market their camera phones. You need to part from that marketing tool. Megapixels mattered around half a decade ago when phones came with cameras that had less than 5MP but now, almost every phone comes with above 5MP yet there is still a difference in the picture quality. The reason is simple, megapixels do not count.


The flash happens to be one of the most important components of a camera phone yet it is the most overlooked. The reason you should take more interest in the flash of your phone is that majority of the time, you will find yourself in low lighting conditions. When in low lighting conditions and you desire to take a photo, setting up lights etc. for the best photographs will be ridiculous or just cumbersome. It will also just take the fun out of capturing instantaneous photos. Having a good flash will come into play in such instants, adequately lighting your subject in seconds for that perfect shot. Do not overlook the flash.


Yet another factor of a camera that is easily overlooked despite its significant. A camera without autofocus will produce the most ghastly images. A poor autofocus or lack of will result in shots that will only serve to disappoint. That is, blurry shots which lack detail. This is not something a person in search of a good camera phone will be after. Invest in a camera with a good autofocus and you will be amazed at the sharpness of your photos.

Image Stabilization

This feature should go hand in hand with autofocus for anyone in search of the best images. It is a feature you should pay close attention to because it was designed with an amateur’s downsides in mind. Knowing that majority of people tend not to be perfectly still when taking their photo, they introduced this feature to ensure that in spite that flaw, photos still come out in perfect focus. A total must have for when taking instantaneous photos.


Another feature you should pay attention to if you want perfect shots is the camera’s aperture. With aperture, the smaller it is, the more the light the lens lets in. This comes in handy in low lighting conditions, where you don’t have a flash but still desire to take a good photo. It also provides excellent editing options for people who want to play with an image’s depth.

ISO and shutter speed.

You will be thankful later when you understand the importance of these two features which are closely related to each other and to the aperture. A camera with a bigger ISO number is able to let in more light and with capture clearer images. Shutter speed is important because the faster it is, the quicker you can take images. Invest in a camera with both these features for a better photographs

In conclusion, there are plenty of factors that affect that affect the picture quality a phone camera will produce. Make sure you pay attention to the right ones.



Top tips for buying a mobile phone for your kid

Just a few years back, school-aged kids couldn’t own phones. But gone are those days, especially with the rise of very busy parents with tight schedules. As a result, phones have become a necessity even for young kids. And even though they might use it to text and browse most of the time, the security you will have knowing that you could get in contact with your kids at any time is priceless. So if you have made the decision to allow your kid own a phone, yet you might not know where to start, worry not. We have come up with the best tips that will help you make the best choice for both you and your kid.

Will it be Pay-as-you-go or a contract?

When you decide to buy a mobile phone for your kid, it is imperative that you think of its mode of payment.  This is because you are most likely going to be the bill payer. So before you make that most awaited purchase, make an assessment of the text, data and call needs of your children and figure out whether you will be comfortable paying the bill on a pre-pay system. Both systems are good, however a mobile contract might offer you more benefits. First, your child will choose the phone of their dreams at zero down payments. You get to pay for it in monthly installments saving you the nagging cries of a disappointed teenager. Additionally you can choose a mobile, text and minute plan for your kids thus keeping them within limits.


Consider their age

Honestly, any phone can fit into the description of the right phone for your kid. After all, the best cell phone is the one they will use responsibly and respectfully as you would have agreed. However, this can be ideally hard to achieve and that is why there is need to consider their age as a basis for the kind of phone you buy them. For kids, whose use their phones mostly for calls, go for a basic handset.  Such phones are cheap, easy to use thanks to the minimal features they have. Additionally, most of these phones don’t typically include access to internet.  However, if your kids are old enough and you must buy a smartphone for your kids, ensure it has as many parental control apps as possible. Ensure you embrace the technology available in order to monitor your kids.

Are they ready?

Before walking into that shop with your child to buy them a phone, first stop to ask yourself if they are ready or not. You will know if they are ready when they are responsible enough to handle a smartphone on their own. Remember, this device will connect them to the world instantly and they will be exposed to many things; both good and bad. That is why they should be able to stick by the rules you set on the phone use.

What if you need to send off your kid to boarding yet they aren’t ready? It is simple. You can come in and help prepare them. Just take them through cyber civics classes. This way they will understand the positives and negatives of the technology they will be having. Thus they will make informed and powerful choices.

How will the phone be cared for?

There are higher chances that the phone will be exposed to harsh treatment from your kids. Therefore you may want to consider buying phones that have been specifically made to withstand accidental splash or falls. However, such gadgets are more costly and it may be cheaper buying high-quality cases