A Comparison of the IPhone X and the Note 8

Now that Apple and Samsung have released all their best phones this year, it mandatory to make a comprehensive comparison. It is no secret that the two are rivals and are constantly striving to outdo each other. While their vicious competition makes for good entertainment, we are also able to watch them create the best phones ever seen by mankind.


First, we consider the design of the two phones. Both phones are built to be just like glass houses. They both have edge to edge screens and a glass backs.  Apple having finally joined the bandwagon of the bezel-less phones which its Android counterparts embraced a while ago.

The only difference in their edge to edge screen is while the iPhone X’s screen fills the entire screen, the Samsung’s leaves about a centimetre above and below its screen.  Samsung however, makes up for this with a screen that almost curves making the phone look edge-less. The iPhone X on the other hand plays it safe and leaves out this design element and remains with a conspicuously visible edge neatly around the phone.

Despite this, the designs are minimalistic, modern and simply beautiful


Both phones have adopted the much more advantageous OLED screens. These screens are said to be more power efficient and to produce more vibrant images than their LED counterparts. This is the first time Apple is using them on their phones, explaining this, they have said their late adoption of the screen was due to not finding OLED screens that met their high standards. Nevertheless, it is no doubt a welcome introduction, bound to boost the iPhone’s superiority. Samsung on the other hand has been using the OLED screen for ages now so it’s not something really noteworthy for them. But it remains a laudable decision.

Screen Size

To accompany their incredible displays are gigantic screens.  The iPhone X has a screen size of 5.8 inches while the Note 8 of 6.3 inches. These massive screens are very useful when watching videos and so are a welcome inclusion.


Both the iPhone X and the Note 8 have superb cameras with almost similar specifications. For instance they both have dual cameras that enable them to achieve a 2X optical zoom. This capability allows a user to blur the background and make the subject pop out more. Similarly they both have two 12-megapixel sensors, autofocus, optical image stabilization and LED dual tone flash.

Despite being very similar, they are a little differences. Samsung’s front facing camera is 8 MP unlike the iPhone’s which is 7 MP. However, the iPhone’s front-facing camera has a true depth camera which is very handy in facial recognition. It also has portrait lighting which is excellent for giving photos studio lighting effects.

Wireless Charging

This ingenious feature is available in both Note 8 and the iPhone X. However, Apple has not yet released its charging mat understandably due to the iPhone X marking their introduction to this field of technology. They have however made their phones compatible with 7W Qi wireless charging. Unfortunately one of the drawbacks of wireless charging being its slow speed, Samsung having been in the field longer than Apple, it has developed 15W charging pad which is almost as fast as standard charging. It has also in cooperated the 15W version of Qi into the Note 8 making the Note charge tenfold faster.

From the analysis in this article, it is clear to see that the Note 8 and the iPhone X are worthy competitors.