Modern Technology: What is going on in the mobile world?

If it wasn’t for research and technology, fact is that the world would never experience the mobile phones. However, now that these impressive telecommunication technologies are here, what comes next for them? Does it end here? Certainly not! You already know how man’s curiosity increases and it will never stop even if he or she dies. The urge to come with something new and innovative can never be killed. It will always be there. With that said, have a look at some of these innovations in the mobile industry.


The world has moved on from just LED to OLED (Organic Light Emitting Diode). This new technology has taken mobile phone flexibility to a whole new level. Just imagine folding a screen as easily as a piece of paper and putting it in your pocket.

In 2017, this is becoming more of a reality. In case you haven’t noticed, mobile phone manufacturers are producing sleeker mobiles these days with the next smartphone being slimmer than the previous one. Now, these communication gadgets have become paper thin. Thanks to OLED technology, you will be able to fold your smartphone comfortably and store it as you wish in the future. Furthermore, carrying one will just be like carrying a piece of paper. It will be so light you won’t even notice it. Despite vigorous competition amongst companies, it won’t take long for these innovations to be globally commercialized.

Pico Projection

Are you a fan of movies? If yes, then you know how much difference projectors can make, especially when it comes to 3D. Due to technological innovations, you will soon be able to operate your smartphone from the side of your arm, meaning the buttons will actually be on your skin. As unbelievable as it sounds, it’s absolutely true.

This will be made possible through Pico-projection. A technology used to project images from smartphones, tablets, notepads, and so on. Instead of purchasing a mobile phone, you might be required to get a specialized bracelet. This bracelet is what contains the projector. By wearing it, your mobile phone’s screen lay out will just be displayed on your arm and you will be able to operate your phone just by touching your arm with your finger. Pico projection technology is being improved for a more seamless experience in the future.

Fast Charging

With mobile phone evolving, innovators are on their quest to come up with the fastest charging battery. Very soon, you are going to forget about the annoying process of having to charge your mobile phone for hours. Recharging will only be in seconds.

This will be made possible by technologies such as the Carbon Ion Cell. Although it has not gotten to seconds, the Carbon Ion technology enables you to charge your phone in a couple of minutes. Besides that, there are also new charging technologies that hold high promise in speedy charging such as the flash battery technology that is expected this year. Apart from just speed, innovative companies also hope to bring wireless platforms for charging your phones so that you’ll be able to boost your battery without connecting it to any port.

More AI

Artificial intelligence is an integral part of modern technology. Take a look at Apple’s Siri and how that AI revolutionised mobile phone technology. Nowadays you can converse with your smartphone, ask it to make calls for your, schedule your appointments and even take a photo. That said, even app developers are integrating AI in their applications. Instead of having only one AI in your smartphone, you could have many more and they will all be aware of each other. You won’t just have to issue commands to Siri but may be to “Jon” or “Jane” too. Think it’s going to be weird? Well, why don’t you wait and find out for yourself.