Augmented Reality: The Technology Ushering a new wave Of Smartphones

The current smartphones are approaching the end. That is right! The application of Augmented Reality (AR) has ushered a new type of smartphone that will now be a partner. A closer look at the iPhone X and upcoming models reveal that AR is the way to go. Google, Apple, Microsoft, Snap, and Tencent among others promise to make smartphones that can learn about the user’s behavior.

Though AR is not new, it is the latest changes that have caught users’ attention. If you thought that Niantic’s Pokémon Go was the ultimate point, things are getting even more interesting. Here is a closer look at AR that points at the next generation of smartphones.

Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, and Mixed Reality demystified

To understand how AR works, let us look at other closely related technologies. Augmented Reality is simply that – the reality getting augmented with digital graphics. However, Virtual Reality is entirely digital and takes place only on closed spaces. However, mixed reality brings together AR and VR to help make the overlays look real. Microsoft is keen on implementing MR by using advanced sensors and advanced computing power.

Interestingly, what is available out there is mixed reality and not indeed AR. Many people do not care about the distinction between objects floating in front and computer graphics. They get the same feeling; the scene is right here with me on the screen. However, we are going to stick with AR because specific phones and brands such as Apple and Google have ARkit and ARcore respectively.

Project Tango and advancing AR packages 

The initial serious drive for AR in smartphones came with the project referred as Tango. However, it took a lot of time before appropriate sensors, and entire kits were designed small enough to fit in phones.

Crafting an AR kit of the highest possible standard without foregoing the slim and attractive feeling has not been a walk in the park. ARkit idea by Apple is perhaps as old as the company’s first smartphone while Google’s ARcore is even older. The ARKit launched at WWDC in 2017 provides a completely new framework for creating unparalleled AR experience that enables developers to take 3D graphics right into the world.

When Apple launched iPhone 8 and iPhone X, the company pointed that their cameras were calibrated for the best AR experience. Now you can walk around your local city and get the thrill like you are a giant Chinese Panda. The trick at this point is ensuring that the camera is enabled to see in 3D. It is the best thrill that no one wants to miss in a new smartphone.

Things you can do with AR

Though AR technologies are not new, it is only recently that they have received greater publicity. Therefore, what can you do with AR?

  • While your target might be using AR app to roll a bus into a cliff, it will be possible to see the real world right in front.
  • It is the best gateway to play some of the latest games such as Pokemon Go.
  • Pulling classic or other music videos right on the screen.
  • Mapping constellations to the right positions in the sky.

The final take

Augmented Reality is the next big frontier in the smartphone world. It will make the smartphone the next generation computer that can bring the world into the screen in a special way. This is likely to move faster as phone companies are fast to release kits that developers can use to craft better apps faster.