This is crazy…

“I honestly just got turned down last week at the o2 shop in town, and have just applied on your site with virgin mobile for a Samsung galaxy s2, and they have just sent me an email saying the phone is on it’s way!”

Andrew Mapplebeck, Leeds

Hey just wanted to say thank you!

“I’ve been refused a phone contract before and was really unsure about applying. But pay as you go was costing me a fortune, so I decided to give your site a shot and I’m happy to say I got accepted with t-mobile! Can’t wait to get my new nokia!”

John Cunningham, Newcastle

Big big thank you 🙂

“Got a blackberry 9790 on t-mobile with unlimited internet awesome – this is a great deal, and I can’t wait to receive my phone. Thanks your site really did work, didn’t think it would be that easy.”

Jenny Brooke, Birmingham

Have to admit

“I was a little bit sceptical. But you have a simple form, so I though why not just try it out. I completed my application and applied with Voda for a Sony Xperia U black. Got approved! Really happy – and if anyone is thinking whether to apply or not, this really works!”

Derick McGrath, Glasgow

Yesmobilephone is awesome

“I’ve had problems with my credit over the last few years but decided to try your site out anyway to see if I could get a contract. It worked! I don’t know how but I got accepted for a blackberry 9320 with virgin”

Angela Adams, Liverpool

HTC One S on it’s way

“From Orange! I was a little bit reckless as a student so my credit rating is not good. I’ve had to suffer on pay as you go for the last couple of years. It was costing me a lot, so needed a contract. YesMobilePhone is brilliant, will be sharing with friends who have struggled too. Thank you.”

Christina Shepard, London