The Battle of Two iPhones

Apple confirms that they have sold over 10 million units of iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus during the much anticipated launch last September. The figure was up from iPhone 5s and 5C’s 9 million launch sales which mean that the giant brand’s expectations for its latest releases were wonderfully exceeded. In fact, both the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus have broken many records sales for selling a combined 4 million units in the first 24 hours of its launch.

Millions of people around the world are still waiting to get their hands on Apple’s latest phones. This is despite the earlier controversies such as the phone’s bendability and the iOS update glitch. It seems like nothing’s really stopping the consumers not even the hefty prices tags.

Maybe you’re one of the millions who are in the market for the latest iPhones. With two different phones at two difference price points to choose from, do you already know which one’s a better buy? If you’re still undecided, you’re in the right place. This guide will help you peruse both options based on the following important considerations:


So let’s talk about design. There were leaks months before the latest iPhones were launched. We basically have an idea that Apple is ditching the classic 4-inch form. iPhone 6 didn’t stray far from the classic with its 5.44 inch screen size. The iPhone 6 Plus, on one hand, stands out from the lot with its 6.22 inch screen. If you’re not a tablet fan, the iPhone 6 is a much better choice since the other choice just looks and feels massive.

In terms of thinness, the iPhone 6 looks incredibly sleek compared to the iPhone 5S and also to the iPhone 6 Plus. Both phones boast Apple’s penchant and expertise for high quality construction. The phones have flat blacks and sleek finishes. Though a bit harder to handle because of the increase height and width, there is no question to the phones’ aesthetics and built.



When it comes to brightness, color and screen sensitivity to touch, both phones take the cake way. The screens are very responsive and the colors accurate that you’ll be left impressed and awestruck at first sight. Between the two, however, the iPhone 6 Plus has a better display when it comes down to pixels. The Retina Display is also better in terms of the benchmark compared to previous releases.

If you’re not really very particular with which has the better display, the iPhone 6 should do well. It looks and feels great as it is. But if you want everything to better from the density to the pixel-for-pixel display then the iPhone 6 Plus is your phone.


Both phones seem to have equal features when there should be some slight difference considering that the iPhone 6 Plus is a phablet. Equipped with the A8 chipset, both iPhones are made for efficient and quick usage. Some experts, however, continue to point that the iPhone 6 Plus should have at least a slightly better feature especially since it is more costly than the little brother.

While the chipset is the same, what sets the iPhone 6 Plus apart from the other option is the optical image stabilization (OIS) in the camera. It also has a bigger battery which means it should last longer than the other. But then again, we also have to consider that the bigger phone which is a phablet may have more apps that are more complex and demanding.


As mentioned, the iPhone 6 Plus has more than the iPhone 6 in terms of the OIS in its camera. When you take pictures, it simple means that the 6 Plus has reduced camera shake thereby allowing you to capture images for longer exposure times. Videos are also expected to be smoother. At least by theory that’s how it should be.

Compared to their predecessors, both phones boast better megapixel at an upgraded eight while the focus pixels also promise faster focus times. Flash exposure is also better for both phones with its TrueTone dual LED flash.

Battery Life

If you’re the type who prefers a longer battery life more than anything then look no further than the 6 Plus. It may be massive in size which is not always a positive feature for every consumer but when it comes to batter, its size actually counts for something. The iPhone 6 has for its batter the 1810 mAh while the other option has 2915 mAh.

While the iPhone 6 Plus require and demand more batter usage because of its larger and higher resolution display, it will still not run out of batter no matter how you use it by the end of the day.