The Best Mobile Service Carriers in the UK

UK has some of the best mobile phone networks in the world, most of which offer excellent and fastest coverage for 3G and 4G networks. While speed isn’t the only factor to consider, they’re a good place to start when you’re comparing your options.

There is really no one best provider for everyone. We have different needs, budget and wants, after all. But considering the number of options in the market, it makes sense to check each and every provider offering mobile phone deals in the UK today.


Currently, here are the nine of the most popular mobile phone networks in the country:

  • Vodafone – This carrier has a wide range of deals offering the latest mobile phones. Making your options even sweeter is the free roaming feature which you can avail along with your plan.
  • O2 – What O2 does best is offer plans that include the latest and the best handsets in the market today. You can get the latest iPhone at O2 while enjoying low rates on calls and texts not to mention that customer service is award-winning too.
  • T-Mobile – Giving other carriers a run for their money is T-Mobile with its highly competitive plans including the best mobile phones today.
  • Orange – One of the most popular networks in the UK is probably Orange with its wide array of plans offering touchscreen smart phones. Not only that, but the plans also guarantee reasonable prices for call and texts.
  • Three – Focused on giving consumers more affordable options, Three promises to let enjoy phone services while paying less when you choose the right deals for your needs.
  • Virgin – To get ahead of the competition, Virgin targets customers who want more minutes and texts on their phone service bundles.
  • EE – Boasting the most advanced 4G network in the UK, EE is currently winning over customers because of faster speed. The speed is actually five times faster than 3G networks.
  • Tesco Mobile – When it comes to coverage and customer service, Tesco remains at the top offering a range of handsets and price plans with guaranteed excellent coverage across UK.
  • Talkmobile – If you want something cheap, Talkmobile is your provider of choice. Offers include some of lowest priced handsets in the market. Tariffs are also designed to be cheaper than what other major providers offer.

Choosing the best one from nine network provider options can be overwhelming. To help you whittle your choice, let’s base our comparisons on faster speed and wider coverage.

If you want the fastest 3G and 4G networks, several tests have revealed that Three, EE and O2 are your best bets. If you want the best network coverage, on one hand, EE again tops the list according to a number of tests. Following behind is O2 and Vodafone.

Considering the test results and user reviews, it really goes to show that there is no one best network provider for everyone. To know which option is best for your case, you must first know exactly what it is that you really want.