Top 5 Smartphone Travelling Apps You Must Have This Summer

The onset of summer means one thing; it is finally time to venture out for a holiday. The holiday will be more meaningful, enjoyable, and fulfilling by ensuring you have the right apps. They extend the functionality of a smartphone, make traveling easier, and allow you to discover more when in the field. In this post, we evaluate you top five traveling apps that you should have this summer.

The Kayak

This is an all-round application that will help to make the entire holiday planning easier. The app allows you to identify and book hotels, cars, flights, and manage the trip agenda. Besides, you can use the app to know what to pack or buy when in different cities.

The app is free for and comes with a very intuitive interface. Whether you need to get a booking confirmation, check on the flight timelines, or follow the nearest hotel in a new city, the dashboard makes it very easy to pull the details. To use the app, you need to install and access its search engine.

The TripAdvisor

This is one of the most used traveling apps in the UK today. Unlike other apps that mainly use a business pitch; the TripAdvisor includes many reviews on every hotel, facility or destination. This way, you will never have to get deceived abut a destination by looks. After selecting a specific destination, you can follow with different client reviews so that only the best is selected.

Google Maps

Google Maps has become one of the best navigation apps in the world. Because of their advanced technology, Google can help you to locate any facility, navigate through towns, and enjoy every moment in your target destination. One great thing about Google Maps is that you can download and save them to use when moving to areas with poor or no network coverage. The app is also a great tool for locating top facilities including hotels, buildings, museums, and attractions in the target destination.


This is a special app designed to help travellers plan their trips in any country. It allows you to look for affordable flights and book hotels in your country of destination. Also, Triposo allows users to find key attractions around specific destinations. This is important because you can plan for all activities to get engaged to during holiday this summer. Other very useful features in this app include the currency converter and phrasebook.


While many traveling apps mainly help people to book flights and hotels, Tripcase goes beyond that. By allowing users to review available flights and accommodation in the target destination, the app comes with additional features to help you include details of the trips that you intend to make. Once you install the app, it allows you to share itinerary with others when traveling as a team. To know how the weather will be, the app also provides a 10 days forecast and suggestion on what to pack.

Well, no matter where you are planning to go this holiday, having the right apps will make traveling a lot easier and fun. Check the outlined picks and ensure they are properly installed on your smartphone before leaving home for holiday this summer.