Top mobile myths you need to drop now!

You’ve probably read them in your favorite daily paper or even heard them from friends. We are talking about those mobile phone myths that almost everyone believes to be true. What’s worse is that people tend to follow them to the latter believing that there’s a reward for the same, either positive or negative. Well, truth be told, mobile technology evolves too fast. As a result it is difficult to keep up with the facts and truths that come with the new developments. If you find yourself wondering whether turning on auto brightness really saves your battery or not, then this article is for you. Here are some of the make believe stories that you need to forget about immediately.

You don’t have to charge your phone to 100%

Well, charging your smartphone until it is batter full is not an option. Perhaps you are in the habit of plucking it from the charger at any percentage when you need to because you believe it doesn’t have to go up to 100%. Here’s the news flash, you are slowly killing your smartphone. Doing so, shortens its battery life and sooner than later, your one time classic smartphone will not be able to stay with charge for half a day.  So, if you love that Samsung Galaxy you spent a fortune on, it high time you dropped this habit and started charging your phone to full percentage before taking it to check what’s trending on twitter.

Auto brightness will save your battery

If you have ever heard this statement or maybe you are believer of the same, then this is the right time to change your mind. Yes, you need to do so immediately because contrary to common opinion, auto brightness will not save your battery at all times. Rather, it can guzzle it up in a matter of seconds. The process of your phone adjusting its brightness actually uses more energy than is necessary.

Remember, phone brightness is one of the things that really eat up charge and it therefore needs to be at its minimum at all times. And auto brightness does not ensure this. Therefore, rather than feeling confident that you have everything under control, you need to manually reduce your cell phones brightness when you need to. For instance, you might only need more brightness when outdoors and no brightness at all when indoors. After the entire screen will have enough light when indoors.

You need to totally drain your battery before charging it

Well it is common practice to so many people and you are probably one of them. Majority of smartphone owners wait for the low battery alert before they can recharge. Perhaps its because most believe that they need to completely drain the battery before charging it. Well, if this is your practice, drop it immediately. Remember, most smartphones use lithium-ion batteries that tend to last longer if kept with charge at all times. That is why draining your battery can internally damage it. So, from now on, ensure you always have some little charge on your phone if you want it to last longer.