Top Mobile Phones 2014

Each year newer and better mobile phones are being released. If you compare this year’s phones with phones from just 5 years ago, you’ll notice a huge change. For those of you getting a new phone for the first time in a long while, you may be surprised at what some of these newer phones can do. Below is a list of some of the best phones that came out this year, along with some of their best features. You can use this list to help you decide on which phone is right for you.


  1. iPhone 6 – This, along with its sister model the iPhone 6 Plus, are the newest models released from Apple. It comes with a larger screen than the previous models, but it is still relatively easy to handle. Inside are a phenomenal camera, a large amount of storage space, and a fast processor. In addition, Apple Pay should be on the way soon, which will allow users to pay for things using only their mobile devices. It still has some problems with battery life, but overall this is one of the best phones on the market to date.
  2. Galaxy S5 – This is the marquee mobile device from Samsung. The S5 has made improvements in just about every area compared to its predecessor the S4 and S3. It had a beautiful display, a great camera, and the processor inside is one of the best currently being made. Another bonus is that Samsung as made a real effort to reduce the amount of bloatware (things installed on your phone before you get it that you can’t remove), which gets rid of all those pesky apps you don’t want. The biggest drawbacks on this device are the price, and the fact that some of its features aren’t very useful.
  3. Xperia Z3 – Sony has produced a smartphone that rivals the best of the other manufacturers with the Xperia Z3. It has a great display and is very fast, all without compromising battery life. If you are a PS4 owner, you also can use your device to play games on your mobile device. There aren’t too many drawbacks with this device, with the most major ones being the interface is a little wanting, and the camera doesn’t focus all that well initially. In other words, if you go with this mobile device, you will most likely be very happy that you did.
  4. Lumia 1520 – For those of you who don’t want an Android or iPhone, your other option is a Windows phone. These phones have their own unique operating system, one that is much different than that of Android and Apple. If you have used any of the latest versions of Windows for a computer, then you have probably seen it as they are very similar. The best Windows phone currently on the market is the Lumia 1520 from Nokia. Like the other phones, it has a great display that is glare resistant, a fast processor, and enough storage space. The biggest drawback with this phone is that is is on the larger side, and it can be hard to use with just one hand. In addition, there are some missing features that you would find in its rival phones. Still, if you are set on getting a Windows phone, then this is the way to go.


Hopefully with this list you will be able to identify the type of phone that you want to get. Like we said, there are a lot of different options out there, and each year better phones are released. If you can wait on getting a new phone, you may even find a better one is released in just a few months. If not, then go with one of the phones listed above and you’ll be guaranteed to be the owner of one of the best phones on the market.