Unique Features to Look For When Buying a New Smartphone

Smartphones are no longer simple communication equipment. They are micro-computers that allow users to do anything from preparing projects, making presentations, and capturing images of moving objects. Today, all the top smartphones have common features such as latest processors, bigger screens, higher RAM, and stronger cameras. You need to go beyond this to get the best smartphones and enjoy higher value for money. Here are unique features that you should look for.

3D Camera System: Smartphone with a 3D camera system conveys special depth perception by utilizing stereoscopy. Most of them use autostereoscopic parallax barrier type of display while others apply the 3D output via HDMI. With a 3D camera system, you can capture better images including motion pictures even when in low visibility areas. You can also relay real-time 3D videos with some smartphones.

Near-Infrared Spectrometer: Phone companies are stretching their creativity to ensure that clients get unique connection and value for money. A smartphone with Near-infrared spectrometer allows users to determine how fresh their supplies are, determine whether medicine is fake or not and even calculate body fat percentage. When you shine a special light on the target object or surface, the molecules are processed, analysed, and checked from multiple databases.

Camera software enhancement: For the last couple of years, many companies such as Apple, Samsung, Sony, and Huawei have been working extra hard to include stronger cameras on their smartphones. Now, this focus has shifted from simply including a camera with higher megapixels to software enhanced models. Such cameras take clearer images and even allow the user to hold video conferencing.

Pico Projector: Making presentations at work, in parties, or even at home when teaching your kid new skills have become very common. However, people are forced to buy very expensive projectors. Instead of buying such expensive equipment, why not use your smartphone? The latest smartphones come with mobile projectors that miniaturize software and hardware to illuminate images or content into any surface.

Iris Scanner: Iris scanners are working steps ahead of the fingerprint tech. By using an infrared scanner, the smartphone scans the iris of your eye (coloured section) to unlock the phone. The scanner is fitted with the front facing camera and can capture the details of your iris even in very low light conditions. This system is more effective for protecting your phone compared to other systems.

Display Dock: No matter the way you look at it, the time to carry a laptop to work is fading rather fast. Your phone will be all that is required. With an appropriate display phone dock, you can turn the smartphone into a very strong computer. The dock allows you to connect the smartphone to a monitor and work as a general laptop or PC. This has three main advantages;

  • It allows you to carry the computer wherever you go; to work, home, and even holiday destinations.
  • Users can work on various projects and liaise with clients when on the go, and continue once back in office. The transition from home to work becomes extra smooth.
  • Display Docks helps to keep the cost of starting an office and running it very low. With just a smartphone, your office will be complete. You will not have to spend additional hundreds of pounds acquiring a new office computer.


When you set out looking for a new smartphone, do not stop at the common features such as processor and RAM. Rather, they should be the baseline as you explore more advanced features that extend the operation and applications of the phone.