Want Higher Value From A Smartphone? Go For Models With Advanced AI

The mobile phone landscape is adrift. When the smartphones entered the phone industry about 10 years ago, the main focus was getting a stronger system, more features, and bigger RAM. These are no longer the defining factors of a good smartphone. If you are looking forward to buying a phone that will deliver higher value for money, only pick the piece with advanced AI (artificial intelligence). It is the latest trend, and you should not get tricked by simply looking at the old features.

When Apple released iPhone 10, the most notable thing was the AI algorithm that is behind the animated Animoji, facial recognition system Face ID, and Augmented Reality Tool apps. But it is not just Apple that has realized the future of smartphones is AI. Google, Samsung, and Huawei are all working harder to get users the best of AI.

What to expect from AI smartphones

AI is changing the way your phone responds and does everything. It is a revolution that can be seen in the following ways.

1)   Advancing user-machine interaction

This is a great improvement on the personal interaction with a smartphone. The interaction is effected through texts, videos, voice, and sensors. This means that the smartphone will no longer be a simple communication device, but an intelligent party that can respond to you.

The iPhone X AI has demonstrated that it will be a partner to the user and not simply another device. The AI algorithm uses advanced machine learning to understand your behaviour. Like Apple, Huawei is also working on the advanced Kirin 970 chipset with built-in AI to enhance user experience. If you want to listen to music, the smartphone will be able to automatically select the tracks you prefer at work, in the evening, during holidays, and other functions. The AI smartphone will also follow and store your routine to provide reminders. The user-machine interaction will get enhanced more by third-party apps.

2)   Enhancing the performance of your phone

A smartphone with advanced AI is the best tool to enhance your personal efficiency. The Pixel 2, iPhone X and Samsung Galaxy S8 have created a new way of understanding the world to deliver greater meaning. The advanced augmented tools apply advanced AI to help you get direct translations, recognize features, get measurements and much more. This means that a researcher will no longer need to carry tons of books into the field. Simply direct the camera to the plant of study and get full details promptly. AI can now be applied virtually in all areas of personal and professional life.

3)   The surest way to enhance phone and personal data security

Phones are the new computing devices. They are used to prepare projects, make presentations, and run advanced analytics. When these functionalities are combined with enhanced mobility and bigger storage capacities, the impact is relegation of the desktop. But the shift to the mobile has also made cybercriminals redefine their tactics by targeting the smartphone devices.

Advanced AI is like a guard that never sleeps. It can be programmed to do anything. Using third-party apps, it is now easy to secure the smartphone data, monitor installed apps and prevent unauthorized entry. The AI in iPhone 8 is equipped with advanced facial recognition system that ensures only you can unlock the phone. In fact, the facial recognition will follow your facial changes such as age, new hairstyle, cutting beard, and other alterations to ensure that only you can get access to the phone.

Picking a smartphone with advanced AI is like selecting a friend to accompany you all the time. The AI will study your behaviour, raise personal efficiency, and guarantee the highest value for money. Do not go for less.